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United States Patent 6,140,877
Forbes Oct. 31, 2000

Low power supply CMOS differential amplifier topology


A structure and method for improving differential amplifier operation is provided. High performance, wide bandwidth or very fast CMOS amplifiers are possible using the new circuit topology of the present invention. The differential amplifier of the present invention employs a novel common mode feedback circuit to back bias the body regions of the amplifying transistors in the differential amplifier. The novel configuration is achieved entirely using CMOS fabrication techniques and delivers high performance in both amplifier gain (G) and frequency response (fT) characteristics using a 1 micron (1mu) CMOS technology.

Inventors: Forbes; Leonard (Corvallis, OR).
Assignee: Micron Technology, Inc. (Boise, ID).
Appl. No.: 209,330
Filed: Dec. 11, 1998
Intl. Cl. : H03F 3/45
Current U.S. Cl.: 330/258; 330/261
Field of Search: 330/253, 258, 259, 261

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Primary Examiner: Pascal; Robert
Assistant Examiner: Choe; Henry
Attorney, Agent or Firm: Schwegman, Lundberg, Woessner & Kluth, P.A.
69 Claims, 12 Drawing Figures

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(5 of 54)